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Shocknife for H2H combat

How Real is your training!

When a person is attacked by an edge blade weapon, he is going through dramatic physical and psychological changes in order to survive, these changes directly impairs the ability of the victim to perform simple tasks he would have performed when there is no danger.

Our knife fools the brain to think that the body has been "stabbed" and all this by using of an electrical stimulation and without causing injury whatsoever to the trainee.

Can your training knife create the necessary fear and tension required for a realistic training?

If not, then you are not preparing yourself properly to survive a edge weapons attack!

When it comes to training you deserve the best gear for the best practice!

when Training against assault with a edge weapons- chose our Shocknife.

Our company is the exclusive importer and distributor on behalf the Manufacturer.

Contact us today for further details and a demonstration.