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IED convoy Simulators

Suicide Bomber Simulator

Leech Simulator

Hand Grenade Simulator

Painballs For marking "hits"

Non-Pyro Simulators

These simulators are based on the use of compressed air or co2 cartridges,
Duo to their short operating safe distances (1-15 feet) these simulators elevates the reality of the training and allow the trainees with direct contact.

Detonating one of our simulators creates about 140db of noise and 30 feet smoke signature of visual effect- things you would expect in a real explosion.

Paintballs marking can be added for damage assessment.

Detonating methods include:

* Wire
* Wire less
* Tilt
* Pressure pad
* Dead man's switch

We offer the following simulators:

* Suicide vest
* Under Carrie/leach pipe bomb
* Road side IED
* Hand grenades
* AP mines

All our simulators are ''MILES'' compatible.